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Vision Statement

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​Mission Statement

MOSAICS Public School exists to be a center of innovation. Students engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math through a relevant, rigorous curriculum, preparing them to be creative and critical thinkers now and in the future. Teachers, students, and families partner together to create a safe, collaborative culture where students learn through experimentation and application. Students and staff work alongside community members through service learning to improve society.

The Four C's

Project-based learning through interactive classrooms helps to support the development of students.

Critical Thinking

Analyzing and breaking down challenges through applying knowledge from different subjects and disciplines.


Sharing ideas, thoughts, and solutions in effective ways.


Working together to reach a goal by combining effort, talent, and expertise.


Trying new approaches to solve problems leads to innovation and invention.

Our Core Values

Success Begins with Failure

Success Begins with Failure

Success in life is achieved through persistence and tenacity. Failure is an opportunity to grow and learn. At MOSAICS, we understand rigor requires failure. Students are encouraged to strive for new understandings, to take risks, and to learn from their mistakes. Through reflection and the design thinking process, students refine their ideas and learning as they embark on their learning journeys. Failures are simply seen as the stepping stones to success.

Community Stewardship

Community Stewardship

No one is an island unto themselves. We live in communities. Community stewardship means to understand the dynamics of our communities and to find the ways in which we can contribute to building a better community. At MOSAICS, we have students focus on identifying their communities, both inside and outside the walls of the school. We expect our students to take ownership of their school and contribute to the greater community through service, advocacy, and building relationships.

Valuing a Diverse and Inclusive Community

Valuing a Diverse and Inclusive Community

Every person in a classroom community, from the teachers to the students, has something to contribute to the learning environment. Even though the learning paths for each student may differ, we value learning in community. We also believe through diversity we learn empathy, creating opportunities to understand various perspectives and voices from those who grow up differently than us. At MOSAICS, students will be provided opportunities to learn and grow together in their classrooms as students are provided time to share their learning and life with others from different communities.

Together We are Stronger

Together We are Stronger

Collaboration multiplies contributions to learning. Shared goals and mutual support lead to greater success than individually focused work. At MOSAICS, students learn how to collaborate with others to achieve common goals. All students have strengths to share in the learning process, which allows the sum of the parts to be greater than the whole.

Thinking Critically & Analytically

Thinking Critically & Analytically

Learners must be curious about the changing world around them. They will encounter issues that they must be able to tackle with creativity and innovation. As they work to solve problems, they will encounter new information and changing variables that they must respond to with agility and ease.

Creative Problem Solvers

Creative Problem Solvers

Learners must be forward-thinking to meet the ever-changing needs of society in the future. They must anticipate the needs of their communities and develop innovative solutions to solve the world’s pressing problems. At MOSAICS, students will take initiative and pursue their interests with a passionate sense of urgency.


Key Educational Design Elements

An Integrated Approach to Learning through a Science Lens

MOSAICS Public School will provide a comprehensive STEAM education to our students.  A key component will be cross-curricular, project-based learning centered around the Idaho Science Standards and the Design Thinking Process.  Students will solve authentic, real world problems where multiple solutions exist. We believe in the power of students’ creativity and interests to propel the learning in our school. As often as possible our curricular program will integrate multiple subject areas, which maximizes our students’ time in the classroom and provides opportunities for students to transfer their learning to multiple contexts and tap into their natural curiosities.

Constructing Knowledge through Hands On Activities

MOSAICS Public School is founded upon the philosophy that our students, beginning in kindergarten, need to construct their knowledge and skills through hands-on learning, through collaboration with others, and through authentic experiences where they can think critically about a problem and use their creativity to apply innovative solutions. Our students will be expected to use the Design Thinking Process to create and test prototypes in both their classrooms and in our makerspace. Mosaics Public School will teach students how to adapt, research, problem solve, collaborate, and continue learning outside a traditionally structured classroom.

Developing a Stewards Mindset

For us to create community stewards, we must be active members in the community. Each of our inquiry projects will have a community component, where community members work alongside the class to help students dig deeper into the content and application of their learning, and/or where students develop their projects in service of the community.

Acquiring Skills for Lifelong Learning

MOSAICS Public School believes in establishing a school around the skills needed for lifelong learning: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity and innovation. These skills will be embedded into the daily tasks and experiences of our students. Our educators will explicitly teach conflict resolution, communication protocols, time management, and other soft skills.


Our staff works alongside community members through service learning to improve society.

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