MOSAICS Public School Donates over 1,200 Pounds of Food

students holding food under MOSAICS Sign

MOSAICS Public School, a new STEAM charter school in Caldwell, has a mission to create community stewards.  The student council at MOSAICS takes this mission seriously.  This past holiday season,  the council organized a food drive and set a goal of donating 750 pounds of canned goods to the Salvation Army.  After just 2 weeks, the student body of MOSAICS had brought in over 1,200 pounds of food.

“I am greatly impressed with how dedicated our students are to improving our community,” stated Principal Anthony Haskett.  “I love that we have empowered our students to make a difference for other families in Caldwell.”  The student council is composed of third and fourth grade students, elected by their peers.  The council sets their own agenda and makes proposals to the school administration on ideas they want to pursue.

The student council, currently running a mascot-naming competition for the school, is also focused on tackling another issue:  making sure students have someone to play with on the playground.  They have set a goal to raise money for a Buddy Bench, a place where students can sit if they are looking for someone else to play with.  “It’s important kids get to make friends at school and we thought a buddy bench would be a good way to help that,” shared council president Zayden Peterson.