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Are you a MOSAICS teacher?

We are striving to make our community intentionally mirror the diversity of Canyon County. In the classroom, we connect student work to the real world through meaningful projects.

Are you a conscientious, innovative, and reflective practitioner? For us, meticulous project plans and the careful use of data are tools for ensuring student growth. Teachers have great freedom in building their own lessons, and are supported with the tools and data that they need to be successful.

Are you collaborative and action oriented? MOSAICS’ teachers act with urgency and are responsible for co-creating our school’s success. We encourage collaboration and team planning and prioritize opportunities for teachers to observe each other, reflect, share great ideas, get inspiration, and celebrate successes.

Do you see classroom culture as a key lever in student success? At MOSAICS, we develop meaningful relationships with students, ensuring that each one is known, seen and valued. Community building and restorative circles are key levers in our community. Our teachers set aside time daily to connect with students on an individual and whole-class activities.

Do you believe families are partners in their students’ education? We know that parents are our students’ first teachers, and we value them as such. We communicate student success and challenges in a timely manner and encourage families’ regular participation in our classrooms and events.

Do you see yourself as both a novice and an expert? We believe that each and every team member at MOSAICS has something to contribute and something to learn. We prioritize and invest in professional development for all of our staff, from on-going coaching, to endless opportunities for collaboration and over 15 days of school-wide training.


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